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Moya as a puppy


Moya with all her brothers and sister. 9 boys and 2 girls. Photo: Kennel Fehaér  Masco.

Moya (right) and her sister. 4 weeks old. Photo:Kennel Fehaér Masco

2 months old

Elina with Moya


Moya 8 weeks


Moya 8 weeks


Kennel Fehaér Masco

Lotte, Rolf and Arjen

Moya's father Azko de Jelova.

Moya's mother Siërra and some of the siblings

Another picture of Azko. Photo: Kennel Fehaér Masco

Another picture of Siërra. Photo: Kennel Fehaér Masco


The long trip to Sweden

We picked up Moya at the kennel a warm day in July, 2004 when she was 8 weeks old. She was just adorable!

Elina and Douglas are soooo happy.

Don't you think I'm cute?

It was quite warm in the car sometimes.

The kids played with Moya.

We were not allowed to let Moya out of the car on our way home because of the risk of rabies , so she had to pee on newspapers on the floor. But that was okey with her. We spent 15 hours in the car that day!


Mostly, Moya slept on the floor.


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