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Mira as a puppy


one day old Photo: Kennel Pays del Mar (6 pictures)

the litter with mother Diva

the whole litter

Bandido, Belmira, Bonita and Biento

2,5 weeks old


3.5 weeks old




Elina with Mira


Mira's new family and Diva

Mira's half sister Tres and Mira kissing

Jolanda and Carlos


Mira's father Amigo. Photo and owner: Kennel My Big Dream

Mira's mother Diva. (Algarabia de Perrera Flamenca)

5 weeks

6 weeks

"This cat seems to like me"


"nice and cosy"

7 weeks old

8 weeks old



.............so sleepy


First meeting with Moya.




Mira 9 weeks old

9 weeks old

Mira 11 weeks old

12 weeks on the agility track

13 weeks old

13 weeks old

13 weeks old


14 weeks old. Cut for the first time

18 weeks old

19 weeks old

Mira 5 months old

5 months old

6 months old

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